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“Welcome Tampines Electrician“. We provide affordable Tampines electrical Service near me or “you”. Our Company employs license electricians (EMA License No: 7/055763). We are proud of the top local Tampines electrician service, and we are committed to creating the affordable, reliable and satisfying customer experience. No matter what type of electrical service or installation you need call us for a quote now. Tampines Electrical service two: Minor Electrical Repairs Or Major Electrical Service. Minor Fixtures or fittings such as Electrical Power Failure, Switches, Socket, LED lighting and ceiling fan repair, will naturally wear out over time and require repairs or replacement. Major Electrical Service such as HDB Rewiring, Private HouseWiring, Add addition power socket and Replace storage water heater. No matter what type of electrical service or installation you need call us for a quote now.

Electrician in Tampines

Some history on Tampines First of all the name Tampines named after Sungei Tampenus. Refer back to the olden Franklin and Jackson map of 1828. Which in turn got its name from the Tampines trees. It seems like many have seen such tree there. The oldest street in the area, Tampines Road, dates to 1864,  At the turn of the 20th century, Tampines was a rubber plantation. Tampines is also home to the sand quarry for a long time. Among the plantations were Teo Tek Ho and Hun Yeang estates.


Tampines Electrician Services 

License Electrician Singapore wears white colour shirt Performing an Electrical Insulation test on new wiring Installation



24-Hour Emergency Electrician, Power Failure

Electrician attend to a dangerous situation requiring immediate action to troubleshoot the electrical circuit

TAMPINES Power Failure team, electrician standby at our various locations for emergency electrical failure. We know how annoying facing an electrical problem. Therefore We always have at the ready stocked in the vehicle. So that once we receive your calls, they’ll be able to get on-site as soon as possible. Interested to be an electrician Click here (How to become an electrician)

TAMPINES Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair Services


It is much better to get Tampines qualified electrician to install the Ceiling Fan. Especially electrical wiring which requires testing before use. Electrician in Tampines has experienced in installation and repair works. ElectricianTampines carry almost all repair kit. Example parts like speed regulator, light switch and light kits with remote control.


Singapore licensed electrician call to remove some wire at H2O residences along Fernvale link located in Sengkang Singapore. Electrician check the tightening torque of the circuit breaker for owner living in Seletar Mall located in Sengkang electrical worksite near Thasevi Food near Jln Kayu doing an electrical insulation test

Tampines electrician service has completed many wiring projects. Experience in almost all type of wiring. Example Electrical wiring for the Light fixture and also Socket, telephone, heating or ventilation system control. We strictly follow all Safety regulations for wiring installation and also test by licensed electricians.


Electrician replaces the electrical socket. He checks and tests by using megger meter on the electrical system.

Tampines electrical service also does minor electrical Job. We provide affordable one-stop electrical repair. That is Parts, Delivery and Installation. We carry the almost all types of electrical Socket. Furthermore “The repairs are completed within the same day.” A DIY stories It happens before to one of our customers. He tries to replace his socket outlet…(DIY When Wrong)

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