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Below are some tips for you if you wish to repair your home light fittings yourself.

“If you want a professional electrician.

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Light repair & Lighting installation “DIY” Repair Light 4

DIY Tips “Remember sharing is caring”

  1. Switch off all electrical power from the main
  2. Remove the light fixture cover slowly
  3. Take note of the model of the light bulb use a phone take picture
  4. Go to the local store show them the picture
  5. Get home fix up the new bulb and turn on the power

Light doesn’t light up

Don’t panic “Are you sure the main is turned back on just now”? If yes there are a few reasons why let use drill into DIY Lighting

“DIY Lighting ” part 2

What could cause the light not to light up? there are 2 main reasons either there is a “connection problem” or “faulty parts”. From here onwards you must be technically savvy and take full responsibility for what you performing.

“Wiring connection problem”

Here are some ideal how is the bad connection like visual check on all connection is there a lot of carbon build up near the pin holder? if yes you are about to get it fix soon. go replace the suspected damages parts. see it works?

“Faulty Parts”

It could be a faulty “ballast” or a LED Driver for such device the most practical way is to do trial and error method.

We also provide other

In the event, if the light does not work there is an easy option is to get the professional electrician  ” Thor Electrician”

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Remove Ceiling lamp 3Thor electrician Singapore provides experienced and well-trained electrician for any replacement and repair of lights and light fittings. Thor Electrician offers the user an efficient service at affordable rates. Thor electrician is transparent will not have the hidden cost explain the cost to the customer before starting work.

What is most important to the user?

“The repairs are completed within the same day”

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