Holland Electrician services and handles all electrical installation for HDB, BTO, HUDC, Condo, Holland Electrician Contractor Near You do Electrical Repair Honest Price With 90 Warranty. 

Holland Electrician Install Light point

Install Light point With wiring one Point Price Is from $40

Holland Electrician has pit stop station near Chip Bee Gardens to serve the private individuals. Furthermore, we also extend our service area to Jalan Merah Saga. Our License Electrician Singapore had completed multiple commercial projects in Holland Village area. That also include some shophouses and small malls which set around Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong. Our Local Singaporean Electrician carry out WIRING OR REWIRING and WATER HEATER, SOCKET, LED LIGHT, CEILING FAN, SWITCH REPAIR & INSTALLATION. We also the No 1 Electrician Near You Now provide emergency 24 hours Electrician service in the event of an electrical POWER FAILURE. Interested to be Electrician Contractor Near Me contact us. Find Out more…  (Tips how to become an electrician)

Electrician Experienced with 5-30 years electrical experience in HDB, Condo, Landed Property- efficient and installed Well Over Thousands of lights/fans, in a variety of venues.

Our Electrician is Always On time and friendly – Save your time as the electrician are punctual come with ready stock and well prepare.

 We is Use Local Singaporean who can speak in English, Chinese, Malay and Dialect, No Language barrier

 Electrical Hassle free – You don’t need to take the Risk of getting Electrical Shock, Leave It to the Professional to do the Job

 Reasonable fair workmanship fees – You pay direct to electrician based on work done. Price Come With Parts Warranty for 90 Days

 Flexible time arrangement – We Offer Full Range of Electrical Services at Affordable Price, Island Wide 24/7 Call Now.

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Holland Electrician’s: Electrical Safty Tips

Local Singaporean Electrician

Holland Electrician Replace light Bulb

Overloading An Electrical Socket 

How to identify what is Major and Minor usage for Appliance? First of all, Major Appliance it a has high consumption in electrical load. Because of the high load, it draws more current. Therefore we need to limit the major appliance on one socket. Here is an Example of major appliance. A list of Hairdryer, Electrical Kettle, Electrical Oven and portable Air-con. Therefore it advises having one Major Appliance for a socket. As A Result of Overloading power points the conductor will get red hot due to the electron is forced through a small path. Picture show Overloaded ‘piggyback’ multiple plugs picture on FIRE. Read electrical socket repair  Read More.. (DIY When Wrong)

Advice on Electrical Fire

No 1 Electrician Near You Now electrical Local Singaporean Electrician No Language barrier

Electrician Experience in HDBSome advice  from our EMA License Electrician Nearby Holland on an electrical fire. What to do about electrical fires – Never use water directly. Because  Water will provide conducting path for the current to flow. In addition, you may put yourself in danger. Don’t laugh about it. It does happen when someone under stress or panic situation. Have you heard of: “Prevention is better than cure” Therefore prevention of electrical fire before it starts. Research conducted most of all electrical fires cause is of at lack maintenance of electrical systems or from faulty electrical wiring. It seems like Electrical fires can be prevented by not overloading any electrical socketLooking For Electrician Nearby to do regular service at least once a year on all switchgear. (Electrical Socket Safety Tips) Do not store flammable items especially near electrical Main Board. Shut down power to the electrical appliance, If see or smell and smoke coming out of it seems like the best step to take. In addition, if You feel unsafe, you can cut the power at the Circuit breaker rather than switching off the switch connected to the socket. Finally Please do not try to cut the power by pulling the cord you will create an electrocution hazard as well. Read More… (Danger in Light Bulb)

Holland Electrician Service

License Electrician Singapore wears white colour shirt Performing an Electrical Insulation test on new wiring Installation
We provide Professional Holland electrical service Island-wide at an affordable rate Licensed electrician. Our electrician is well trained with good experience in most electrical repair like new or old wiring installation, ceiling fan, and lighting repair or installation. We also do ad-hod electrical minor repair changing of electrical lighting switch and electrical power point example like 13 AMP or 15 AMP socket and as well as water heater switch. All our electrician is well equipped with proper tools to solve your electrical needs. Calls us now, to solve your electrical needs. About us

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Holland Electrician Service

About Us

Our Service goes beyond electrical work. Therefore our people, it’s a passion and care for the society to create electrical save the environment. It means we treat our customer like our self. We do our work with precision and the highest level of safety. In conclusion, we leave sites safer than when we first arrived. Always showing up on time and fix it right the first time. You’re working with are true professionals.

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