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Singapore Electrician Service all kinds of electrical Switch, We common Light Switch stock for HDB, Condo, House or Commercial Buildings electrical repair. Our EMA Licensed electrician and electrical workers are well prepare for Ad Hod Situation. We carry ready Light Switch for repair, and most importance is we get The Light Switch is Repaired On the Same Day We Visit You. They have the competence skill and experience to execute all kinds of electrical Light Switch repairs that including electrical installation. Our Teams are all well equipt with tools that use to measure and repair. You will Have a Peace of Mind, Resolve Electrical Issue Safely Within Minutes, By a Professional. Call Us Now at 9660 9742

Basic Of Light Switch

The rocker light switch is most commonly used to operate Ceiling Lighting in home and Offices. The Contact of the switch is under their most significant stress During opening or closing.

The Cheaper Cost of Light Switch Replacement

We help customer to reduce cost by carrying ready stock, The Most Importance We get the Repair Done On the Same Day. 

We help you to save the trouble getting the Right Light Switch.

  • Buying a wrong switch Example; like wrong in dimension, number on connection, looping or no looping. –Save the Hassle of Travelling and Geting the Wrong Switch

Cost Of Light Switch


  • Faulty Connection Example; sending current to the other area instate to the bulb. It could be fatal as electrical current cannot be seen only been feel


Whether you are installing a new light switch or replacing an existing light switch, It Better To Look For a Licensed Electrician. You will Get To Enjoy a Peace of Mind


We provide Professional electrical service Island-wide at an affordable rate. Our well-trained Electrician has good experience in most electrical repair like new or old wiring installation, ceiling fan, and lighting repair or installation. We also do ad-hod electrical minor repair changing of electrical lighting switch and electrical power point

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Why chose Thor electrician?

  • Recommended & Approved License Electrician Service at Honest with Warranty on Repair

  • Come in Short Notice

  • Carry Ready Stock For Repair
  • The Repair Done On the Same Day We Visit You.

  • 90 Day On Site Service Warranty 

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