LED “Light Emitting Diodes” it an electrical power light bulb that common use today in the lighting fixture. The Advantage of the LED lighting The LED Lighting natural lifespan and electrical efficiency of LED compare to the incandescent lamps is significantly more. It is also more efficient than the fluorescent. The lumens to watt is at around 250-300 lumens per watt. Low or No EMI Unlike fluorescent lamp, the LEDs do not emit electromagnetic interference. As a result, it will not affect the mobile network that we love.

LED lighting Key Advantage

Longer Lifespan

LED have “no warm-up time” like Tube, and Compact florescent Lamp or CFLs you notice when you switch florescent Lamp it flickers for maybe last then 0.5 seconds. “what the big deal here” only 0.5 seconds it ok to everyone. One thing you should know the lifespan of the florescent Lamp is affected. Simple “the more time you on and off the shorter the lifespan.” 

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LED Lighting Have Lower Temperature

The heat generated on the florescent Lamp is significantly higher than LED. More heat means more energy, therefore, the fluorescent Lamp have higher consumption then LED. So back to Heat what are the damages and Danger we might face? By looking at the picture, you can tell yellowish colour Florescent Lamp holder have suffered heat a lot of heat. The resultant could be an electrical fire. It not a joke here yes in the event when the circuit breaker is not tripping. LED has a much lower temperature due to the design on the LED.

LED Lighting Lower the Cost

For a brief summary, the table below shows the simple comparison the information we are looking is lumens/watt “means how much light/brightness”  per watt  (energy use). It short It means the higher the number, the better efficiency. So Led is indeed the best on the list.

  Incand-escent Halogen CFL LED
Purchase Price $0.41 $1.17 $0.99 $3.29
lumens/watt 14.3 17.4 55.4 123.1
Lifespan (hours) 1,000 1,000 10,000 15,000
Lamp lifetime in years @ 6 hours/day $0.46 $0.46 $4.6 $6.8
Total cost per 860 lumens $347 $329 $88 $49

Type of light bulb is the list show on below


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Thor Electrician carries most of the LED design. We provide FREE Quotation on Site appointment basis, provide installation and also CARRY almost all type of LED lighting. 

Category of LED Light we have.

  • Glass Ceiling Lighting

  • LED Normal Ceiling LightCeiling light one.jpg

  • LED BulbsBulb set 1.jpg

  • LED Down LightDown Light set 1.jpg

  • LED Penal LightLED Panel Light.jpg

  • LED Linear LightLED Linear Lighting.jpg

  • LED TRI-PROOF Linear LightingLED TRI-PROOF Linear Lighting.jpg

  • LED Motion Sensor LightingLED Motion Sensor Lighting.jpg

  • LED Spot Track lightLED Spot Tracklight 1.jpg

  • LED High Bay LightLED Flood Light.jpg


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