Residential property has serval type of wiring. Almost all Electrical installations are permanent like Distribution Box, Ceiling Fan, House Wiring, LED Lighting, Power Socket Light Switch And Water Heater. Singapore makes it a mandate that all the Electrical regulations is followed and tested by a LEW. The Wiring installation regulations can be a difference from country to country. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, affordable electrician to install or service your Wiring or Rewiring service, well you come to the right place we are proud of the top local electrician service and we are committed to creating a satisfied customer. No matter what type of electrical service or installation you need call us for a quote now.



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What is electrical wiring?

electrical worksite near Thasevi Food near Jln Kayu doing an electrical insulation test

Electrical wiring is the term used for an electrical installation of light fitting, LAN cabling, power cable, and associated electrical components like light switches DB box  “distribution boards” light fitting in residences or commercial property.

Singapore Electrical Wiring has followed safety standards in design and installation. This standard has its own wire and cable types and sizes allowable to the specified electrical circuit in operating voltage and electric current carrying capacity. The standard changes when other considerable restrictions on the environmental conditions like outdoor near swimming pool have a standard practice.

Normally for electrical wiring in Singapore will be a range of $1,000.00 – 8,000.00 or even more depending on the work site and complexity of the nature of works.

Wiring methods common use in Singapore

Surface Wiring

Surface Wiring means that the electrical wiring is running on the wall surface and its cover in plastic conduit. The conduit protecting the wiring will be subjected to changes like commercial or industrial are having stronger conduit like metal conduit is used. The Advantage of such wiring is easy for repair and modification “change of socket location or shift power point” hence the cost is lower and the Disadvantage is not so appealing as the conduit and switch is on the surface


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 Conceal Type of wiring

For Conceal wiring is commonly found in Newer Condo and HDB flat. “Conceal” these words give you an idea that it hidden or cover up. That right! the conduit and the electrical base box is hidden inside the wall or partition. It will use metal conduit to protect the wiring inside in wall this somehow add prevention on accident on drill work done later. “in event owner might have wanted to hang a picture on the wall and it could easily damage by a drill if it not protected. on   The advantage of such wiring have a greater appearance compare to the “surface wiring.” The Disadvantages is clear and simple, it costs a lot more to repair and harder to do modification “change of socket location shift powerpoint”

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Cheap Wiring deal

Oversea ContractorTheir real deal for wiring and promising fast job too good to be true in the forum and oversea contractor. There is a saying if you pay peanut “you got monkey” We have a lot of customers call us on wiring job that either halve done or have a lot of electrical trip after a few months when handing over. We are not running down on other electrician but this is true cases when so of the overseas worker come to Singapore to make some quick buck. “being fair to all parties” when you are given a really low salary what will you produce?” yup you are right. The “oversea worker” try to make a living also but they mislead people in “CHEAP DEAL end up paying a lot more for a REAL deal”. Our company use 80% local SINGAPOREAN on work.

Reliable Electrician Service

Electrician Services

Our Service goes beyond electrical work. For our people, it’s a passion and care for the society to create electrical save the environment. It means we treat our customer like our self, do our work with precision and the highest level of safety, leaving sites safer than when we arrived, showing up on time and fix it right at the 1st time. You’re working with are true professionals.

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