Welcome to Thor Electrician, We provide the one-stop solution for Electrical  switch socket outlet replacement. That is Parts, Delivery and Installation. What is most important? “The repairs are completed within the same day.” We provide island-wide service. Furthermore, we have licensed electrician. The electrician will Free test the socket ensure it pass the safety regulation.

Three importance issue need to consider Parts, Skill, and Tools. Do you think you have this three? A lot of owners try to DIY, and most of them ended spending more money and time to replace the switch socket outlet. Either the owner got the wire connected wrong or got the wrong version of the switch. As a result of improper connection in the wiring might cause damages to the appliance or even worst electrocution. Why RISK? Leave it to the professional. Call us now for a free quote.

How much does it cost to replace an existing electrical outlet?

The cost is not just about how much of the socket and the labour. Let go in dept, on some factor that could not see. Below are a few points listed

Electrician replaces the electrical switch socket outlet. He checks and tests by using megger meter on the electrical system.
1) Safety is the most importance. As mention wrong connection. A lot of people don’t know about the changes in the wiring system in the electrical regulation. It seems so simple whatever you remove put it back the same spot. Is that correct it a YES and NO. Some new version of electrical socket changes the terminal point. The outlet might look the same. It happens before to one of our customers. He tries to replace his socket outlet…

2) How to test after replacing the socket. Plug in a device and turn on. If the appliance it works that mean it safe. That is very wrong. If it was so simple why do we need an electrician right? This trade should not have existed in the first place. The electrical system is designed in a way to prevent livestock and people from getting hurt. Therefore electrician to test and use equipment to measure and check it correctly before use.

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Resultant of stuck Switch Socket Outlet

An exposed air gap or contact points on the pin of the plug connection and with the contact area getting smaller with the “Socket contact Connector”. When electron tries to jump over the tiny air gap, it created a spark “think about spark plug of a car” with sparking this builds up the heat at the same time buzzing sound also can be heard too. When a large amount of heat is the product it will cause problems in the wiring and likely lead to a circuit breaker tripping an electrical fire. As a safety measure precaution, replace damage socket out is critical.

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Loosen Wiring

The most common problem with 13 amp power socket outlet come from the loosen of wiring on the connection points of the terminals of the power socket. When wire got loose this creates a bad connection that will also cause a lot of heat generated. Buzzing sound also can be heard ” Loose connections can also cause sparking in the junction box that can result in arcing is an electrical fire.

Electrical Fire

Mr Lim recalls that there was an extension plug connected to a stand fan and microwave oven in the Area of Fire Origin. Both appliances were not in use at the time of the fire, but the power to the portable socket outlet was always left ‘ON’. The root cause of accidental is from an electrical origin at the mobile socket outlet.


Jurong West

If a user sees burn marks around the terminals this is a tell-tale sign. If is not corrected immediately. It might lead to an electrical fire.


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Power Plug Socket

15A socket-outlets

15A socket-outlets

In HDB, Condo and Landed. different types. An electrical outlet or powerpoint is a socket that connects an electrical appliance to draw electricity supply an electrician does this type of installation.



13 AMP Socket New

13A socket-outlets for domestic use for also all common appliance

Electrical Switch Socket can be find on to the wall. Under the specific circumstance where there is no wall, it will relocate to the floorboard. Different countries have different electrical socket outlet classify under  types and voltages.



Comprehensive Electrical Service

Thor Electrician offers a comprehensive list of electrical services for the residential, commercial and industrial customer, be it electrical power failure and repair, New electrical rewiring, addition minor projects like running a few additional points, or total rewiring.

We carry all major brand of Electrical Socket; LegrandSchneider, Clipsal and MK electrical parts

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About us

Thor Electrician is about one thing: honest and reliable service.

Our Service goes beyond electrical work. Therefore our people, it’s a passion and care for the society to create electrical save the environment. It means we treat our customer like our self. We do our work with precision and the highest level of safety. In conclusion, we leave sites safer than when we first arrived. Always showing up on time and fix it right the first time. You’re working with are true professionals.


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