Electric Trip 

Typically does not happen unless there is a fault in the circuit.

Power Failure Cause By Overload Cable

24 Hour Electrical Electric Trip Service

A Electric Trip is a short-term loss of the electric power. Electrician Singapore Service all kinds of electric Trip, be It HDB, Condo, House or Commercial Buildings.

Solve Electric Trip 

Our EMA Licensed electrician and electrical workers are well prepare for Electric Trip Situation. Your One Stop Electrical Repair Service.

  • Carry Ready stock for Repair on Electrical Trip
  • Electric Trip Is Repair  On the Same Day We Visit You.
  • We Have Competence skill and experience to Resolve electric Tripping Issue in Short Time
  • Our Electrician is Well equipt with Lastest tools that use to measure and troubleshoot the cause of Electric Trip.

Have a Peace of Mind, Resolve Electrical Issue Safely Within Minutes, By a Professional.

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We Resolve the Electric trip Issue in No time. 

Have a Peace of Mind, Resolve Electrical Issue Safely Within Minutes, By a Professional

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Electric Trip HDB due to ” Overload”

Here is what going to happen if the circuit breaker doesn’t trip

Power don't trip when Overload

Electric doesn’t trip when Overload that causes a heater up conductor and burns

Simple fault finding on Electric Trip could be dangerous

Some of the Electric Trip Singapore is reason is stated above. If you still find that resetting the circuit is impossible, please call for Electrician to help you. As the resting of an electrical circuit requires a trained and qualified electrician to check the electrical circuit before a Turn on. To prevent damages like a real case, happen in Singapore an electrical fire could break out.

True Story That Reminds Us Electrical Hazard is Real.

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