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Our electrical service is of the top Reputable Singapore Electrician service. (EMA License No: 7/055763).  Electrician Singapore Providers 24-hour emergency electrical service. Island-wide service in Singapore Region. Affordable & Reliable service that you can trust. Electricians Singapore has been serving the residential town in Singapore for 20 years. Electricians Singapore has experience in electrical installation, repairs, and maintenance. Like: Electrical inspections, Surge protection, Lighting upgrades, Electrical upgrades, Water heater Repair, Lighting design, Power failure & trip repair, Troubleshooting Electrical safety inspections, Wiring upgrades and Ceiling fan repair. Electrician Singapore service is offering quick, dedicated service throughout the entire island, with technicians stationed in every area of the city.

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Electrician Singapore use the electrical regulation to perform an electrical inspection before the turn on the electrical supply

Electrician Singapore

Electrician Singapore has years of experience in most electrical installation. In our electrician services cover major and minor electrical works. Electrician service that covers all type of HDB, Condo and landed Home. We have electrician Singapore station island wide to provide FAST response electrical service. Our electricians are polite well educated with electrical service experience. Most our electricians are well trained in local school ITE and Polytechnic.

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Service pledge

License Electrician Singapore wears white colour shirt Performing an Electrical Insulation test on new wiring Installation

Our Service goes beyond electrical work. Therefore our people, it’s a passion and care for the society to create an electrically safe environment. It means we treat our customer like our self. We do our work with precision and the highest level of safety. In conclusion, we leave site safer than when we first arrived. Always showing up on time and fix it right the first time. You’re working with are true professionals.

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Electrician Singapore wears PPE doing electrical resort after an Electrical inspection according to electrical regulation in Singapore.

Electrician Singapore provides 24 Hours electrical service Islandwide Coverage. Years of experience in the electrical repair and Power Failure. Electrician Singapore has a team speciality in emergency electrical service. All vehicle is a good stock for emergency call out; Service personnel is always on standby for 24 hours.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Just bought ceiling fans from Fanco or Elmark and have you open the box. Found out it more complicated then you assume.“Need an electrician to install your ceiling fans”?

License Electrician Installing white Elmark ceiling fan comes with light, on the ceiling now.
So Call Us Now to Install, Replace, Repair the ceiling fan today. What is most Importance? “The repairs are completed within the same day.” 

“How much to repair a ceiling fan?”

Typically Ceiling fan repair Singapore usually will cost around $90-$150 or more depending on the nature of Find out More about ceiling fan…..

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Residential property has two common type of wiring.

Electrician Singapore has completed over 20 wiring project on the residential and commercial property since 2018; Project includes vendor in SingPost Centre, One Raffles Place and also HDB BTO. More about wiring…

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Electrician Singapore Provide 3 in 1 package  (Parts, Delivery, Service) for LED Service

We provide a wide range of LED Category; Pendant, Downlight, tack light, ceiling light, Wall light, Floodlight and also High bay light. Provide Free Onsite Quotation by appointment basis. The best part WE PROVIDE, DELIVERY, INSTALL ALL IN ONE DAY. More about Lighting Service …

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The electrician is giving electrical education to the owner of Approval Electrical Socket & No Approve Electrical Plug.

Electrical socket not working?

“No Power from the plug socket.” 

What causes the power socket to jam? More About Socket replacement service….

The electrical conductor got heated up and caught fire. It is due excessive electrical resistance build up in the conductor. “Don’t Try to DIY” Leave electrical to the expert. Most of the time the owner try to “DIY” ended up paying more. There is a Story: “DIY When Wrong”. For Safety on the electrical socket, tips click here… We provide Island-wide electrician service for the minor repair of replacing and install the electrical outlet, power socket outlet and Plug Socket. Call us now for a Quote. More SOCKET REPLACEMENT AND INSTALLATION


Light Switch install by Electrician in Singapore come in red, blue, green and GoldWe Provide all in one service switch replacement. We provide Parts, Delivery and Installation. All in one service let you feel safe and secure. More SWITCH REPAIR & INSTALLATION
Benefit :
1) Getting the wrong parts from the hardware shop.
2) Connecting the wire wrongly
3) Do I have proper tools to do it?
4) What if I make a mistake?

Why do you want to risk the safety of the family by Trying to save a few dollars? Think about it again. It still better to leave the job to the licensed electrician. More SWITCH REPAIR & INSTALLATION

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Singapore Electricians have vast experiences in most water heater installation. We deal with all residential properties like HDB flats, Condos, Private property use. We have licensed electrician to ensure the electrical supply done the right way. More WATER HEATER INSTALLATION

1) Provide Onsite troubleshooting
2) Same day delivery
3) Provide Parts, Delivery & Service

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Electrician service tool


“The repairs are completed within the same day”

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