Replacing Light Bulbs

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Replacing Light Bulbs

Tips for you to replace light bulbs at home. In addition for cost-saving use energy-saving lamps or LED. It is because consume less energy higher output of light. Finally, avoid incandescent lamps at all cost. It is opposite of the energy saving. Compare to LED. Incandescent can convert only 10% of its power into usable light. Halogen lights consume relatively more energy.

Removing a light bulb
Start by Turning off the power supply to the bulb. Allow the bulb to cool down before work. Now use your hand to hold the bulb lightly and with a firm grip. Start twist the bulb in a counter-clockwise direction. You can feel it start to release from the socket.

Installing a light bulb
Before Insert a replacement bulb. Check the socket for any burn mark, if burn mark found on the socket. It due to an improper connection. Please call an electrician to replace the socket. If not continue to check the specification on the new bulb it must have the same voltage. Now do the same by applying light but firm grip and install the bulb into the socket. Start to twist clockwise until it is snugly fitted.

Test the Bulb.
Just turn the power back on, Safely dispose of the used bulb. Another alternatively, you also could arrange it into an appropriate recycling bin.

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