How to become an Electrician?

Thor Electrician Singapore Electrician TipsHow to become an Electrician?

How to become an Electrician?

An Outage occurs due to an overloaded appliance. The electrician is restoring the power now.

So you have heard the people saying “electrician is retrenchment proof” Wanted to be an electrician.

Looking forward start a career as an electrician. Fantastic! Electricians are the pillars to keep the economy running. Now we see the value of electrician. Let get started on how to become an electrician?

An electrician that works in Singapore is now using an electrical wire stripper to remove the insulated electrical conductor.

First, we’ll provide some the basic knowledge about how people work them self up to be electricians—school and various options people can take. After that, we look at the different aspects of the job.

How Do Electricians Start?

Here is some importance requirement which helps you a sense how to start:

In Singapore, to work as an electrician is required to have a license with the EMA. For the apprentice, you can start off as an assistant of a licensed electrician. For an apprentice, you don’t need to have a license, as expected the salary is a humble start; focus on the goal of most electricians gets a licensing issue by EMA. There is three grade of electrical licenses issue by EMA find out click here.
A License Electrician from Singapore Removing an electrical circuit panel for electrical safety regulation inspection.

Minimum Requirement for Electrician

To ONLY qualify for the EMA test application, there are two minimum requirement from EMA;

1) he who holds a National Institute of Technical Education Certificate has curriculum is relevant to the electrical work. Also, he must be an electrician is authorised to perform or such other qualifications as may be acceptable to the Authority. Furthermore, he must have two years’ practical experience in Singapore for relevant to the electrical work. In which an electrician is authorised to perform electrician must complete an apprenticeship.

2) minimum ten years’ practical experience in Singapore relevant to the electrical work which an electrician is authorised to perform.

Ways to get an Electrician Apprenticeship.

1) find work that has an entry-level job, meet up and mix around with electrical professional get some connections. Go to ITE and visit government job fair like Events – SSG/WSG. A lot of apprenticeships started through there.

Top License Electrician Singapore Leather Tools belt

2) Seek apprenticeship opportunities by calling the contact employers or unions directly and ask if do they offer electrician apprenticeship opportunities. Most of the employer don’t offer but don’t give up that easy. There still company employ the apprentice.

What Electrician learn in school? (Basic)

Licence electrician was currently performing a test on a supply installation that has a voltage operation or 400 volts and below.

ITE is a recognised Trade school for an electrician. It correctly set up for you start off in a career as an electrician. You learn the very basic from the beginning and build on your knowledge grow. It’s important to study why? It is because all electrical works and wonder are builds on the theory and principle of physics. Therefore, it becomes critical to have proper skill and knowledge that build on it. ITE provides Instructors guild and teach students on practice skill and even conduct laboratory test to show how thing work. This help strengthens the knowledge of the student.

Continue How to become an Electrician?

ITE is a good trade school. It can be an excellent way to get ready for your journey. Keep this in mind. Not all electrician is going to the trade school. There are others doing good without going to school even got their license. But words of advice the theory and principle is essential to you and make your journey FUN and open new perspective too.


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