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This just one of our customer story “DIY GONE WRONG” His name is Mr Low. We have also sought his permission to share his story. He hopes that we can use his account let people aware of this. On Sep 2017 Mr Low’s wife keeps grumbling about him for two weeks on a broken electrical socket. Finally, he found some time on a Saturday afternoon to replace the faulty Socket. He searches on the internet and manages to find some “DIY tips”.

The owner is attempting to a DIY tip. He follows the electrical topic on the web after reading.

He hurried to the nearby hardware shop to purchase an electrical socket. Mr Low bought a packet of chicken rice with a drumstick to reward himself for DIY. His wife saw him coming back with the electrical socket got worried. Mrs Low asked: “since when you know electrical work”. He replied: “I learn it 20 min ago from the net, It simply remove and put back“. Like what written on the internet. Everytime you also learn cooking from youtube. His wife reminded him you to off the main switch before replacing doing the work. After 20 min Mr Low manages to replace his socket. He was delighted to switch on and test his work. It was the first time and the last time flip the main circuit breaker again. Boom he got a shock of his life. Mr Low: “is sound like an explosion”.His wife running out of the bedroom asking what happen? He replies I don’t know.

The man switch of the electrical circuit breaker before he replace the electrical socket

Mr Low contacted us for emergency help. Our electrician Thomas reaches Mr Low house in a short time frame. Thomas restores the power and replaces all the faulty parts. Explain to Mr Low that he has done a wrong wiring. The colour code is different from the internet result he searches. The total repair cost more than the original repair. Mr Low was very grateful that we help him to solve his problem and he didn’t get someone injured. Mrs low joking said “See la you don’t now don’t do now pay so much more, lucky you never die”

An electrician found the electrical wiring done by the owner is wrong. Therefore it causes direct shock. As a result, the main circuit breaker is damage.

Mr Low is not the first customer try DIY and fail. The number of cases has increased recently since 2014. A lot homeowner wanted to save money by attempting to do DIY. The Internet also has become more advanced and informative in the recent year. People tend to look into youtube video on how to topic. It perfectly fine watches some video and does the cooking. But on the engineering or health care factor, the information is not sufficient enough. Some importance objective of the DIY topics or video wants up to drive up the internet traffic. Example of health care and engineering this requires more than some work experience and skill. The DIY topic like cooking and some ART and craft bring fun and interaction for the family. On engineering and health content this topic this requires more than 10 min youtube video.


License Electrician Singapore wears white colour shirt Performing an Electrical Insulation test on new wiring Installation

It is better to call up a company with License electrician than watching a youtube video. Our company have (EMA License No: 7/055763) electrician service Island-wide at an affordable rate. Our electrician is well trained with good experience in most electrical repair like new or old wiring installation, ceiling fan, and LED lighting repair or installation. We also do ad-hod electrical minor repair changing of electrical

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