How To Earn A Meal By Saving

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News update. Have you hear of increasing of electrical tariff I think it 6.3% instate of complaining why not learn something new. Here are some electricity saving tips help you save some money. You earn yourself a meal by doing so. Let get started. How To Earn Meal By Saving, Saving for Mcdonald, The Kitchen Ninja, Use a Trolly Instate Of Basket.

Electricity saving tips

How to save electricity, you don’t need a big investment in your time to learn such skill, it a habit. BY Learning such practice can make a difference to the cost of your utility bill.
“Basic but no one follow is following.”

Earn A Meal McDonald

Electricity saving tips for BugerSwitch off all Power socket and light switch when you don’t need on. What who will follow such idea? No ones do that let dig deeper. How to identify appliance consume power they are in standby mode? Effortless use your hand to feel the appliance. If it is hot to the touch, the appliance is consuming energy by being plugged in.

Drying your clothing under the sun is cheaper than using a Dryer. hmm… thinking who will do that when you are so busy with work? You are right electricity cost more than natural gas. Here is the figure; 22.15 cents/kWh for ELECTRICITY TARIFF
(wef 1 Apr 18 – 30 Jun 18) and 18.42 cents/kWh GAS TARIFF
(wef 1 Feb 18 – 30 Apr 18). In conclusion that 22.15 cents VS 18.42 cents without digging more in-depth talking about the efficiency of electrical and gas.

Use a Trolly Instate Of Basket

Ask yourself this question? Will you use a trolly when you are buying a week supply of grocery or will you not? The answer is Yes of course Unless you want to train your muscle during shopping. Do you know your Vacuum Cleaning is doing the NO! Yes, it the truth and a fact. A Vacuum that has 50% load of dirt does the same job as the one without the burden. Don’t you agree? As a result, we are burning money unintentional

What is the optimal temperature for your fridge? It best to set at 3-5°C. for the freezer around -18°C it subjective but this common practice. It the same analogy on the vacuum make a routine clean the dust collected behind the fridge. Do this regularly Your Big Mac Meal is On its way Earn it yours now.

Kitchen Ninja “Electricity saving tips”

Ninja “Save save save”… save I save myself from embarrassment over being “Ninja” cannot see “who asking extra chilli sauce during McDonald delivery”. I earn money for the chilli sauce by doing this. Is a secret Ninja cheat code I use. I try to cheat by turning off my electrical oven 5-10 minutes early when my wife does baking. “Don’t do this at when your wife is around” this also depends on the total time your food has had in there. After years of practice, I master the ninja way to do this. Every time my wife does not see near the kitchen. On the scientific theory, the Ovens are one of the most energy-hungry cooking appliances at home. I earn my chilli and waiting for my Big Mac Meal now. For more like my FB you will see more post again.


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