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Electrical Socket outlet Safety Tips for the household plug. The Do and Don’t. Highlight on the Approve Main Plug, Non-approved-Main-Plugs, Power Socket standard mains voltage and frequency and the shapes, plug holes, plug sizes and sockets. Cover necessary Socket Safety Requirements and some Control controlled item. Issues with the use of such non-approved plugs and adaptors.

Socket Outlet Introduction

For general knowledge, all the primary voltage and frequency throughout the world don’t have a standard. It is also applied Power socket & plugs in term of shapes, plug holes, plug sizes and is also different in many countries. The user might feel it unimportant differences. In any event, if the user tries to replace the plug without proper knowledge may lead to unpleasant consequences. Socket Outlet Safety Mark
In Singapore, the Consumer Protection (SafetyRequirements) Regulations have goods under control. They are the 13A and 15A mains plugs and sockets. These plugs are made mandatory to have SAFETY Mark affixed to them.

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Singapore of Approved Main Plugs

2.5AMP 2 round-pin2.5AMP 2 round-pin Electronic appliances such as TV, DVD and audio sets commonly use two pin plug. This plug contains no need for earth protection; only live and neutral wires

13 Amp Plug TopMains Plug with addition 13AMP three pins fused. Used for electrical appliances example fridge, kettle and toaster ovens. The instruments have the metal body or exposed metal parts. Thus devices must be grounded (earthed) eliminate electrocution risk

15 Amp Plug15AMP 3 round-pin mains “No fuse protection” Plug for appliance-like Dryer. Used for high current heavy-duty electrical

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There are few problems with the use of such unauthorised plugs as well as adaptors:

1) The design of the pin (China, American, or German) will cause unnecessary stress on the contact point of the Power socket outlet. As a result, it might lead to damage socket outlet in addition, create electrocution/shock or power failure.

2) Stress on the contact point will result in loose contact and be overheating due to arcing. It creates a fire hazard. Due to the surface area of conduction is small and generate a lot of heat when electrons try to squeeze through it.

3) Some other Countries main plug come without “grounding” it a strip located in the plug. As a result of not adequately earthed, it will put the User at risk of electrocution especially with metal parts of the device is not grounded,

Power Outage Case D1
4) Most probably foreign plugs didn’t have addition fuse protection. It reduces the protection of your appliances. In conclusion, It causes overload and severe damage to equipment.

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Power Socket Outlet Do and Don’t Safety Tips

Don’t rewire any socket outlet yourself, Call for an Electrician. Because you are not sure what you are doing furthermore, you might put yourself and others in danger.

Don’t remove any circuit breaker yourself, in the event of tripping. Most probably the tripping is due to an electrical fault, therefore, to prevent more damages don’t try to pull up the level. Seek an electrician to solve the issue.

Don’t meddle with the wiring in the distribution box.

Do not use damages Power Socket outlet and Plug. In addition wire with frail insulation must be replaced immediately.

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