What are the cause of a power failure to the electrical system?

Thor Electrician Singapore Power FailureWhat are the cause of a power failure to the electrical system?

Firstly, let understand the reason why the electrical system will cut off there are a few term use: trip off, power trip, power failure and power outage and so on. Most of the cases are that the electrical system is designed to protect human and livestock from danger in the event of an electrical shock. Now see some example below:

“Cause Power Failure”

  • The main fault might come from the electrical power supply to the main supplier. It could be a failure in the supply substations. The likelihood of this could be caused by the faulty underground cable which has an incident happen at Tampines cause 44 blocks of flat to have a power failure.
  • Cases like animals example snake and rodent which attracted by the heat created in the transformers and fuses box area cause power outages, power failure. The electrical system sees it like an overload. It is designed to shut down or trip so to protects the rest of the electrical system from fire and threat that do more damages.

Power failure, power trip preventive measure?

  • Preventive measure kicks in during a power failure in the lift of a building most of the lift have automatic rescue device in the lifts. Its function is to bring the passenger to the next nearest lift landing.
  • An additional preventative measure that normally has in place for importance or critical location like places where the Singapore general hospital, Prison, MRT, police station and fire station and public transportation safety are at risk when a power failure occurs. This is an additional cost to maintain the emergency back up electrical supply setup know as UPS when power failure happen there are another backup power sources such as standby generators or UPS, which will automatically start up to restore the power.


Simple fault finding on power failure could be dangerous

Some of the Power failure reason is stated above. If you still find that resetting the circuit is impossible, please call us to help you. As the resting of an electrical circuit requires the trained and qualified electrician to check the electrical circuit before a Turn on. To prevent damages like a real case, happen in Singapore an electrical fire could break out.



The REAL CASE happens in Singapore

The occupant experienced a power trip Power Failure case Dwhen he switched on all the electrical appliances after returning home. Upon resetting the consumer unit, he went about with his routine but noticed smoke at the second level of the 3-storey terrace house shortly thereafter. Fire damage was severe in the master bedroom. while other parts of the house sustained heat, smoke and water damage. The burn patterns were consistent with that of a fire which Power Outage Case D1originated from a location near the windows, where a computer table used to be. The burned remains of a portable socket outlet were recovered from the determined Area of Fire Origin According to the occupant, this portable socket outlet was brought over from overseas. The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental and of electrical origin at the portable socket outlet.



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